Meet John Mullen


My Life’s Purpose is Healing

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John Mullen is a modern-day gifted healer, medical intuitive and lymphologist who brings a unique blend of inspiration and real-world application to his audience. Through tapping into the wisdom of those who have gone before us, John is able to impart the anatomical connections that affect spiritual and psychological health.

With more than thirty years experience in anatomy, physiology and alternative therapies, John has become a master at analyzing the root cause of people’s health challenges and aligning the nerves, organs and body functions so that the body can heal. His Palmajetics application powerfully supports this healing process. God has truly blessed John with insight, wisdom and the gift of healing.

John’s background and original neurological research combines these modalities into a powerful healing process. Through his School of Magnificence, Yearly Health Fiesta Gatherings, Magnificent Seven Spiritual Connectivity Course, John manifests his insights to others.

John uses a remote healing technique based on energetic medicine and nerve alignment.  His approach has been proven time and time again with people suffering from critical health issues, such as cancer, leukemia and immune disorders. Although John’s research and healing center is in the Atlanta Metro area, through energetic remote healing John is able to work with clients around the world to overcome health challenges.

Among John’s many attributes is his ability to organize and categorize his vast research into segments easily assimilated by audiences who are captivated by his entertaining presentation style. People studying under him or listening to him are amazed by their own ability to rapidly internalize these potent healing techniques.

John is a Lymphologist, holds several graduate degrees and is an ordained Health Pastor.

John can be reached via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone at 770.956.7635.

"I know first-hand the feeling of despair and frustration when you have no options, when you’re facing a life-threatening disease.

Eight years ago, our 31-year old son was diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia and given a 10 percent chance to survive.

Today, Brian is completely cured of leukemia, with zero leukemia cells in his bone marrow and perfect blood reports. He is once again a vibrant husband and father.

I am passionate about restoring people to complete health. I’m here to help you."

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John’s Speaking Highlights

  • "Power of Palmajetics" -- Omega Institute, Hermitage Guest, Stonybrook, New York

  • "School of Magnificence Course" (a three-month intensive course that enables attendees to dramatically improve their health and the health of people around them by learning specific, energetic protocols and anatomical connections to restoration) -- Atlanta, GA

  • "Health Fiesta" (a three or five-day intensive healing and teaching workshop) -- Tybee Island, GA & Marietta, GA

  • "Tybee Island Summer Health Seminar Series" (a ten week public forum focused on improving overall health) – sponsored by the YMCA -- Tybee Island, GA

  • "The Anatomical Connections to Spiritual and Psychological Health" -- The Association for Spirituality and Psychotherapy Conference, New York City, NY

  • "The Energy of your Sleep Partner Impacts Your Health" -- Southeastern Energy Psychology Conference, Atlanta, GA

  • "Magnificent Seven Series" (a ten week course on practical health tips using energetic medicine as the core theme) -- Atlanta, GA

  • "Using Unmapped (Mullen Mapped) Brain Nerves to Solve Psychological Difficulties" -- Energy Psychology Peer Supervisory Group, Atlanta, GA

  • "Leading Seniors to Health" -- Sun City, Arizona